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Should I vote in 2020?

2020 2

There has never been a time in the history of the United States where two political candidates for president represent the polar opposites of ideals, goals and a political agenda.

The surprise election of Donald Trump in 2016 has caused a major upheaval in the carefully laid plans of previous administrations. The veil has been pulled back to reveal hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness on a scale that is shocking. From the day President Trump was elected, the Democratic party started threatening impeachment and it seems for several career politicians this became their primary focus. There is a Deep State, men and women, committed to an agenda in defiance of the will of the American people and our elected President. Truly nothing is new under the sun, Jerimiah 11:9 speaks of a conspiracy in ancient Israel, much like today.

Media outlets have been exposed to their bias and fake news. The left-oriented news agencies now openly criticize and mock the President - and the Americans who voted for him. Trusted health organizations like the WHO have failed, their policies and recommendations influenced by their financial connections with China, the source of Covid-19. The result? America’s booming economy has come to a grinding halt in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Civil unrest, rioting, burning and looting in America’s major cities – for over 3 months now. The call to defund police, ICE and removal of correctional facilities from extreme Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM who practice and advocate lawlessness. Mayor DeBlasio sided with the radical extremists and he has shifted nearly 1 billion dollars away from the NYPD budget.

Fake News, Fake Politics, Fake Christianity and Fake Education have taken their toll. A shockingly high percentage of the rioters who are burning our cities are actually teachers!

We are living in ever increasing difficult times that will try all of us. This nation is wracked with fear, people even wearing masks inside a car or their homes when there is no evidence of any real protection. The healthy should never be quarantined, only the sick. Fear has corrupted common sense.

Looking at the Democratic controlled states and cities we see politicians capitalizing on Covid-19 fears forbidding church gatherings, however you are allowed to buy liquor, marijuana and protest in the streets – with or without masks.

There is a spirit of hate, divisiveness and racial tension moving across the land. We know where these spirits originate and who is behind it. Satan hates God, he hates us and he hates this country. The corrupt politicians, lying pastors, deceitful educational and health organizations, and violent rioters are being used by Satan and his demons to incite anxiety, hatred and fear.

The sins of this country have become progressively worse. New York has the highest rate of abortion in the country terminating 1 out of every 3 pregnancies. Yet this wasn’t enough for New York politicians and pro-choice activists who recently passed a law ensuring that even if the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, abortion would be available, even up to the point of live birth. The passing of this bill was celebrated with cheers while Governor Cuomo ordered New York landmarks to be lit up in pink to celebrate this horrifying “victory”.

Let’s briefly look at what the Republican and Democratic parties represent in 2020. Then let’s ask ourselves if God really wants us to remain silent on such vital issues when He has given us this country with the liberties we have enjoyed.


  1. Lower Taxes
  2. Stop illegal immigration, drugs and human trafficking
  3. Strong economy, encouraging all Americans to be employed
  4. Strong national defense
  5. Fair international trade laws
  6. Protection of our Amendment rights, especially Freedom of speech and religion and the right to peaceably assemble and the right to bear arms (Amendment #2)
  7. Support for the Police and ICE and law and order
  8. Support the lives of yet-unborn boys and girls.


  1. Democratic Socialism
  2. Open borders, which encourages more illicit drugs & human trafficking
  3. Higher taxes and more regulation of business
  4. Health care and free education for all illegal aliens
  5. Forfeiture of all guns, especially handguns and AR-15’s
  6. Military cutbacks
  7. Reduced police enforcement, ICE and correctional facilities
  8. Support Planned Parenthood and ending the lives of millions more innocent little unborn boys and girls.

Antifa is a left-wing militant organization committed to achieving their objectives using violence rather than policy reform. While they claim to be anti-fascists, they try to achieve their objectives through harassment, militancy, physical violence and property damage. President Trump has declared Antifa a domestic terrorist group. As of today, August 29, 2020 if you enter into a browser you will be redirected to Joe Biden’s campaign website: Antifa supports Joe Biden, think on that.

As Christians, what are we to do? There are two paths with very different results that will affect every single American. 2020 is a defining year for our country and we can have a part of the outcome – we can use our American right to vote. In most states, you have up until October 3 to register to vote in the upcoming general election.

The Bible never mentions whether we should or should not vote in political elections. However, we do see Paul appealing to Caesar when it appeared that justice would not be served. He used a political right he had. We see the example of Esther, violating the king’s law and risking her own life to appear before him to save the Jews of her day from annihilation. She made a stand, she spoke up, she did something. She could have just as easily reasoned that she could just dismiss any necessary action since surely God could have taken care of the problem without her.

We see through God’s intervention that Joseph, Daniel and his three friends, plus Mordecai and who knows how many others held very high positions in their governments right there in ancient Egypt, Babylon and Persia, the very symbols of sin and evil. They used their positions to further the cause of right and good.

What about the understanding that God has a plan for all mankind, lives in eternity, knows all things and will work them out to His good will? What about the prophecies that show the demise of modern Israel due to our rampant sins? That is indeed true. Yet we also see the pagan city-state of Nineveh repenting (Jonah 3) and God’s judgement delayed for several generations. We also know that in God’s mercy He wants repentance and does not delight in the death of the wicked.

God likes to work through men and women, and often through very difficult times requiring courage, faith and action. Yes, action.

So I ask myself this question, what would I tell God if He asked me why did I not cast a ballot in this election? Since I can clearly discern between what is best for our nation and what will lead to the further weakening our country, why did I not take action to try and prevent the destruction of our people and our land? We know who weakens the nations, Isaiah 14:12.

And remember God judges us largely based on what He has given us. Can we really remain silent and not vote – or does God want his children voicing their strong objection against abortion and taking a stand for the defenseless unborns? Does He not delight in seeing us speak up and using our opportunity to vote to say we wish to obey his command to come together on sabbath to worship him?

To whom much is given, much will be required. We’ve been placed here at this moment “for such a time as this.”

Ezekiel 22:30 talks about God looking for one man to stand in the breach before Him, so he would not destroy the land. Could it be that God is giving each and every one of us that opportunity now as never before to stand in the breach, to let God know his people care? We may never have this opportunity again.

But are you coming to know the AUTHOR?
Nebuchadnezzar’s message for President Trump


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