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Well Done, Our King, well done!

We've finished Passover -- washing each other’s feet, breaking the bread and drinking of the Master’s cup of the new covenant. Now what? Jesus will say to those sheep on His right, “Well done…” Have you ever wished YOU could say to the King – “Well done, King! Well done”? It struck me, as I read the chapters of John 13-17 at the end of the service, what an incredible “command performance” we see from our Master and Savior on that Passover. 


By that last supper with his disciples, as He broke bread and blessed it, surely it meant a lot more to Him to realize that was His body. As He spoke about the blood of the covenant, and drinking of His cup, surely He could recall dozens of crucifixions He had witnessed. As He spoke of being a servant and washing one another’s feet – His disciples were more concerned who had primacy. Who was the greatest among them? (His disciples in 2011 apparently are still doing that.) But the Son of God never wavered in front of His students. Awesome, just awesome.

Look at what Master did. As He prepared for the long ordeal, He took time to comfort His disciples. “Don’t fear, don’t worry. Ask anything in my name and I will do it”. Someone had probably forgotten to wash feet, and since that was such a menial task for the lowest servants, on this night the son of God washed the feet of His followers. Over and over, all during supper, He comforted, encouraged, reassured – and loved those disciples. As Judas was conspiring with blood thirsty mobs preparing to torture Him, He spoke of the Father and Himself coming to live in them. Wow. Incredible. What a flawless example.

He spoke of being one with Him and Father. He spoke of us being as one with each other as Father and Son are one, even as Satan was taking final steps for a night of savagery. On that night our Master proposed to the foundational people forming His Bride – “Drink of it, all of you. Drink of my cup and the covenant it represents between you and me.” Knowing they would all leave Him in a few hours, He spoke of His undying love and support. Perfect.

On the cross or tree – “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. Flawless.

No other religion has their God coming to live among humanity as a human and then sacrificing Himself, so all humanity can live. Wow! What an awesome living God we have; what a son of God we have!! Hallelujah!!

It’s not our place to “grade” our Savior, and that’s not my intent here at all. But I think we’re long overdue for telling our Beloved King what we think of Him and His Passover.

Yeshua, please allow us to appreciatively tell you after Passover: “well done, our King. Well done. You’re simply amazing! We can’t wait to meet you face to face to tell you personally how pleased and grateful – and yes, even proud of you – we are! Praise Yahweh! We love you. Thank you for your Passover, King Yeshua. You were perfect. You’re simply amazing. Thank you, Master. Well done, our King, well done indeed.”

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