Many of us have unfruitful times in our lives. What will happen to us, in truth, when that happens? Isn’t God committed to finishing what he started in us (Phil. 1:6)? But John 15:2 seems to say we’ll be cut off. And how do John 15:2 and verse 6 differ? Listen carefully. You will be encouraged.
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Posted on:
Wednesday, 15 June 2022
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This is a timely message my Beloved Brother. We should be fruitful in this time of the end! I love this amazing message.
Posted on:
Friday, 08 July 2022
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This message has really blessed me contrary to what I was thinking. I thought when we fruitless then God is done with us but I have come to learn that God's intent is to raise us up and prop us up and support us so that we may bear fruit! Thanks Philip Shields, for this message of hope and encouragement. "When we are Fruitless" in our lives, we still have hope and chance through the grace and help of God.

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