Sat, May 28, 2022


We happily receive God’s grace and favor over our sins but how good are we at extending God’s hope, love, and favor to others, especially those with sinful pasts or who struggle spiritually? Do we take them “under our wing” and encourage them, giving them HOPE – or gossip about them? I believe this is a vitally important topic for God’s children.
Duration:58 mins 59 secs


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Friday, 24 June 2022
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I love this sermon. Thanks a lot for sharing this message Brother Phillip. Indeed we should extend our hope, love and FAVOUR to others .
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Friday, 08 July 2022
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Thanks so much Philip Shields for this very timely message. I just been curious and wondering why there is so much suspicion, mistrust and jealousies among the children of God to an extent that they do not and can not freely interact and communicate with each other! This sermon has helped me see what the problem is and its solution. Its really time START LIVING AND PRACTICING GOD'S GRACE by extending that Grace of God to others, giving them hope, acceptance and coming together to pray and seek the face of our Heavenly Father and God!

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