What’s your ultimate destiny? Does God Most High have a DREAM for you? We explain in this sermon. Abba – God – Elohim – wants children, REAL children; real beings who grow up to look like and BE just like him. God put the law in motion that “kind begets kind” – so the offspring of a goat is a goat, of a man/woman is a human baby; kind after kind. Though we will be spirits and therefore like angels that way, is that the final goal? But angels are not of the God kind; they’re of the angelic “kind”. How can YHVH be “echad” – Hebrew for “one” (Deut 6:4) and yet there is clearly also the Word with God and was God (John 1:1-2). After hearing all 3 parts, please let me know how this impacted you.
Duration:1 hr 19 mins 58 secs

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