What are your sabbath days like? Holy, enjoyable, refreshing, restful and happy – or a drag and boring? This message explores how to make the sabbath a more productive and holy time. We explore why I call it your “date” with your future husband Yeshua. How would you prepare for a date with Christ? Why am I calling it a “date” or “appointment”? Should you buy anything on the sabbath? Is any work allowed? What personal activities would be recommended – and which ones not? All this and more are in this message. Let others know about this topic. We all could use it.
Duration:1 hr 13 mins 44 secs


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Thursday, 04 June 2020
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Hello Philip, The notes here did not pop up so wonder if it has been revised and given a new name; thus it did not show up. The title of it sounds like it is something we can benefit from. So could you let me know if this has been removed or under a new name. Thank you! Janine

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