Is God just the God of Israel – or the whole world? For whom is God’s grace/favor? And WHY did God come up with his precious grace and favor for us? What was his intended end goal? If salvation is not of works, what role does obedience to God play, if any? But some people we know have done unspeakable evils. Will God’s grace be able to cover the worst of sins, or are some people just beyond redemption and being saved? What happens when regenerated/converted people with God’s Holy Spirit sin? Does God still love you when you sin? That and much more in this teaching.
Duration:1 hr 22 mins 56 secs


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Sunday, 13 February 2022
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These two beautiful messages on Grace bring new meaning to God's wonderful work of grace in our lives. I cannot adequately express how much I have been touched & benefited by them (as well as the two "God's Perfection" sermons). Yes! Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!

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