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As I write this, Pentecost has come and gone. What a wonderful, full day it is, revealing so much of God’s plan of salvation. It’s also called “Feast of First Fruits” and “feast of Weeks” (Shavuot). On Pentecost, YHVH thundered his 10 Commandments along with the loud, long blast of the shofar (Exodus 19-20); He also gave his Holy Spirit to beget us into the family (Acts 2). We are to display the fruit of God’s presence, his Spirit – and the 9 parts of God’s fruit. We’ll try to re-post teachings on this.

God also receives the 2 leavened loaves of Pentecost lifted up to him as first fruits on this day. He married/was betrothed to Israel on this day (Ex. 24:6-8). Israel was to be the first fruits of all the nations. And I believe on this day in the near future, God will marry Jesus Christ to the Bride – the church, also called his first fruits (2 Cor. 11:2; James 1:18;  Eph 5:25-31.) Be watching for insights and explanation of all this in coming teachings.

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Light on the Rock Blogs
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