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We’ve been cranking out new material in the last month especially. Like on God’s great gifts to us of HIS very own righteousness gifted to us who believe in God in faith to cover us with his own perfect righteousness in and through Christ. I wanted to be sure everyone realizes this doesn’t mean we can do and behave however we like after being saved. See my sermon on Eternal Security, more commonly known as “Once saved always saved, no matter what”.  I will prove that though salvation IS entirely God’s work, we cannot go back to a lifestyle of living in sin or for the works of the flesh, or we will surely die, even after we’ve been saved.

So enjoy this website, share it with others please and join the many who are finding so much on this website. Passover Week will be here before you know it, so be sure you are totally in Christ and letting him live his life in you as part of the His new creation in him. May God bless you immensely as you seek him with all your soul. Check out our many blogs as well – wonderful short articles. 

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Philip Shields, minister and host.

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20 March 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
When is the true Biblical “new year’s day”?  Believe it or not, it’s here as I write this. Jews believe New Year’s is on the 1st day of the fiscal 7th month – called Rosh Hashanah, usually in September of our Gregorian calendar. Much of the worl...
11 March 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
“The Second Passover” – 30 days after the first Passover on the 14th of Abib, which is usually in late March or early April.  I was amazed that I had not addressed this or written a blog on this topic earlier. So here it is!  In fact, I thi...
03 March 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
I’ve seen this question of who REALLY killed Christ addressed before by saying the Jews did, or Romans did, or we all did by our sins. Though correct, those are incomplete answers. This blog goes way beyond that. (Remember you can just control-click ...
18 February 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
This is special prayer request.  One of the most joyous parts of our lives is to be able to spend happy times especially with our children and grandchildren. So many of you know exactly what I mean and experience this joy often. I know the joy w...
21 January 2023
Light on the Rock Blogs
Foundation for the Beast system being laid Many of us have pondered scriptures in Revelation 13 and have wondered what they could mean or how the Beast system could forbid anyone to buy or sell.  Certainly it appears we’re watching the groundwor...

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